Wednesday, 16 April 2014

More info needed

In order to truly comprehend the extent of gender-based violence in the Latin American and Caribbean region and to find suitable measures to put in place to effectively address this problem, there needs to be two types of data.

This is the belief of Programme Manager, Culture and Community Development, CARICOM Secretariat, Dr. Hilary Brown, who delivered remarks at the Expert Group Meeting on Piloting Prevalence Surveys on Gender-Based Violence in the Caribbean at the Radisson Aquatica Resort in Barbados recently.

“We recognise that we need the two types of data – population-based data to measure rates of prevalence through surveys and interviews; and service-based or administrative data collected by police, social services, health and justice systems to measure response – if we are to fully understand the dynamics of gender based violence, secure national and global commitments and make decisions to effectively respond to and prevent the problem.”

She said that this is why a meeting of this nature is so important because it would help the key stakeholders collaborate to find a Prevalence Survey Model on Gender-Based Violence that is an ideal fit for this region.

“Therefore, this is a pivotal meeting that aims to create a CARICOM Prevalence Survey Model on Gender-Based Violence based on the global models and national best practices that are most suited for implementation in our region. The task requires the commitment and joint efforts of those of us represented here – National Statistical Offices, Ministries responsible for gender equality, non-governmental organisations providing key support services as well as representatives from international and regional organisations.”

This meeting also provides these various organisations with an opportunity to put this model into action and then observe it after it has gotten off the ground to make sure that it can guide legislation and other forms of administrative decision making as well as community action, stated the Programme Manager.

“We would like to use the unique opportunity provided by this meeting to agree on a suitable model for the region and plan to pilot and assess the proposed model. We know that these are critical inputs for more effective policy and decision making and action by the community to address gender based violence.” (PJT)

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