Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Limacol CPL a raving success

IN grand West Indian fashion, the curtain came down on the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League after an exciting final between two start-studded teams.

The final, which was played between the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the Jamaica Tallawahs, ended with the Jamaican franchise raising the first ever CPL championship trophy on Saturday night.

The competition, which saw six teams coming out treat fans all across the world to top notch action in 24 matches over 26 days, has been hailed as the most innovative and successful move for the sport in the region’s history. Founder and Chairman of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League, Ajmal Khan state that he was extremely pleased to see his efforts and labour come to fruition.

“We had a vision and we put it together and I feel elated that this has come out the way it has, and I think that we have something that is very sustainable and it’s going to be great for the region and I’m very excited and I’m blessed to have these great partners with me to make my vision come true,” he said.

Damien O’Donohoe, who holds the post of Chief Executive Officer of the organisation, said that it was a sweet feeling to see everything fall into place.

“I didn’t think 18 months ago that we’d be here today. We had many sleepless nights over this, but this is just absolutely mind-blowing and we’re over the moon. It’s been more successful than we could have ever expected. Every single stadium has been full – stadiums that haven’t been full in 15 years – and I firmly believe that we have changed cricket in the West Indies for good,” O’Donohoe said.

Now with the 2013 edition all done and dusted, the region and the world are looking forward to a bigger and better 2014 Limacol Caribbean Premier League. (MP)

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