Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Region’s youth excel

A GROUP of young people from around the region have now advanced in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through dedication and hard work.

As The Award celebrates 50 years, many persons gathered at the Barbados Museum recently to recognise those persons who received Bronze and Silver Awards, as they progress towards the ultimate Gold Award.
British High Commissioner to Barbados,
H.E. Paul Brummell (right), speaking
to some of the young awardees.  
Trustee of The Award, Paul Altman, told the gathering that ambitious people are often motivated to become a member of a prestigious group and strive to be the best. He likened this to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award “where there are no barriers of entry, but for those of us who are ambitious and enjoy being challenged, the rewards are for life”.

“The celebration of fifty years is a landmark. The Award’s growth through strong leadership and outstanding achievement has set the platform for its development in the contribution in securing your people to add value to the world that we live in over the next 50 years and beyond,” he said.

The reception represented the conclusion for those participants who have completed the requirements for the Bronze and Silver Awards. Mr. Altman urged awardees to value their achievement, noting that the ultimate one is to reach the Gold Award, which is presented by Prince Edward.

“We must stop and appreciate the global reach that we are now a part of. I had the opportunity to meet John May, who is now the Secretary General of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and who is on his way to Japan where the scheme seems to be taking on another dimension. It is encouraging to observe that the strength of the programme is more likely to be viewed based on its proven success in preparing young people for the world, than simply the ideal itself,” he further stated. (RB)

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