Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Judiciary’s importance highlighted

President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, Sir Dennis Byron, says that the judiciary has a significant role to play in ensuring that citizens enjoy their fundamental rights to the fullest extent.

He made the point earlier this week, as he addressed the participants of an International Labour Organisation (ILO) sub-regional workshop on gender equality. Reiterating the importance of the judiciary, he noted that in many cases the court system is often the last hope that people have when it comes to achieving gender equity.

“It is imperative that judges are cognisant of the nuisances often associated with issues related to gender equality when adjudicating matters of this nature. This awareness will come about through continual training on these and related issues,” he said.

It is with that in mind, that the CCJ President lauded the ILO for staging the workshop and he recorded his approval as it relates to the objectives of this workshop. Sir Dennis noted that not only does the workshop provide the unique opportunity for judges from across the region to engage in an informal learning programme, but it also allows them to engage in meaningful discussions, which he stated, are also an important teaching and learning tool. He made the point, as he noted that the workshop also gives them an opportunity to learn about developing international labour standards and how to adequately equip yourself to utilise such standards as guiding principles in your own national courts.

“The Caribbean Court of Justice is pleased to be part of this venture. The Court identified in its strategic plan for 2013-2017, ‘equality, fairness, integrity and promoting the rule of law’, as one of its themes for the growth and development of the Court over the next five years. The Court not only intends to conduct its business in accordance with this theme, but the theme captures key principles, the observance of which is integral in all areas of society,” he added.

Sir Dennis added that in its commitment to equality and promoting the rule of law, the CCJ commits to holding principles that will eliminate discrimination and better facilitate gender equality across the region. (JRT)

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