Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A new generation of leaders, business

‘Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders’ – a popular phrase that is now more literal than ever. Never has it been more clear that the young minds in society will shine the brightest despite economic negativity. In this modern age, ease of communication has erased almost all barriers that once restricted progress among the young and inexperienced. Now with modern technology, anyone can research, reach out and begin to develop their dream job regardless of how niche their market may seem. Now more than ever the youth have the biggest platforms where their creativity can flourish, and that is with technology.

Politicians, business owners, and entrepreneurs all have facets of leadership that are shared in all of us. Of course it is the young people of today that will inevitably be guiding our country, so we are in brilliant hands. This is in fact the generation that grew up with television, Internet and smartphones. From early children are aware of the outside world not just through education at school, but through everyday modern devices. They are exposed to international news and industries now at a younger age than ever. It is important that we continue to nurture and accept the advantage technology has provided to our youth, but of course parents must monitor their children’s online activities.

The technology trend has long since expanded into the pillars of businesses. Using PCs and Macs in the workplace is the standard that has been established for over a decade, but now businesses have to go even further. With technology being so abundant, no longer can you wait for a customer to come to you, now you have to go to them. It is where the customers are that businesses must reach out to, and right now that is in technology. Smartphones, tablets and most importantly mobile ‘apps’ (applications) have exploded into the marketplace.

Untapped Grenadian markets are plentiful and waiting to be utilised. We implore Grenadians to continue to seek out these existing markets and create new ones as well. It can only contribute to growing our culture and international presence.

Leaders that are young at heart despite their age also stand to benefit the most. With constantly evolving business structures and practices, it is those who are nimble enough to make calculated risks that stay atop of the totem pole. One can only grow so much in their comfort zone, and the same goes for businesses – it is making smart moves against the grain that can pay out in big dividends. Keep in mind, however, that these are not just any risks, but calculated risks. Knowing how much you can gain or lose beforehand should be paramount in your decision of trying out a new business practice or marketing scheme. Fear of change should be antiquated because even in a heavy storm, the wind cannot break a tree that bends.

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