Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Strong telecoms vital

Glenn Thorpe, LIME’s Chief Technology Information Officer. 

Mobile communications have achieved in two decades what fixed-line communications took over a century to realise in contributing to the economic and social development of the Caribbean.

According to Glenn Thorpe, Chief Technology Information Officer at telecoms provider LIME, the presence of stronger telecommunication networks will almost certainly attract more foreign investment to Barbados and its regional counterparts.

“LIME has been a pioneer in the telecommunications industry and we believe it is our responsibility to share our knowledge and experience in order to shed some light on the best ways to align activities with the larger socio-economic goals for our region,” he said.

Thorpe was speaking against the backdrop of the company’s ongoing $100 million upgrade to its fibre optics network that will place Barbados at the sharp end of the Caribbean’s telecommunications race.

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt, strong telecommunications can result in tangible socio-economic benefits such as increased employment opportunities, more efficient economies, and improved access to education. This will ultimately lead to more social equality.”

Thorpe, who is overseeing LIME’s island-wide rollout of fibre, also encouraged Caribbean governments and policymakers to enable an environment which is conducive for the future growth and development of the telecommunications sector.

“We are essentially building a future-proof fibre network today, which when complete, will give Barbadians access to one of the most advanced fibre optic networks in the Americas. The fibre which we are rolling out is so advanced that it will be capable of handling the speeds, technology and volume which we cannot even foresee at this present moment,” he said.

“As a company, LIME remains motivated to expand its understanding of the numerous ways in which the core services that we offer create prospects for socio-economic growth and improved fiscal performance. We do this in the belief that our ability to influence society in a positive way feeds directly into our own success as an organisation. In short, as we better understand the communities we serve, we can further enrich our customers’ lives.”

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