Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Declaration signed at regional Trusts’ Conference

Addressing issues of building capacity in technical restoration skills, sharing of both information and expertise, collaboration with both local agencies and government and international agencies and regular meetings to advance the goals of restoration for attainment of both cultural and economic goals.

These are some of the issues addressed in the declaration formed and signed at the conclusion of the first Caribbean Conference of National Trusts held at the beginning of this month.

In addition, the declaration states, “Conscious of the long-standing struggle to protect, preserve and restore the riches of our built heritage and to protect from despoiling and over development of our beautiful natural heritage... we declare our full support for all measures designed to protect, preserve, restore and utilise our natural and built heritage in a sustainable way, for the social, cultural and economic benefit of all the people of the region.”

Noting that the conference was “a resounding success,” Chairman of the event, Senator Professor Emeritus Henry Fraser, expressed his hope that the energy from it would generate interest within the region, especially from those willing to volunteer or donate funds to the various trusts.

“We are just hoping that we can raise the profile, excite the people, excite parliament and the politicians, excite the philanthropists and get people to start writing cheques and coming forward to help in all of the islands,” he said.

He also extended thanks to all of the sponsors and partners who made the event possible, including the Peter Moore’s Trust, the Tourism Development Corporation and Nick Parravincino of Realtors. (JMB)

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