Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Football’s future rests in the education of coaches

FOR the Caribbean region to progress any future in football they first have to educate the coaches.

That was the view of CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb when a press conference was held at the National Stadium on Friday.

Webb mentioned that they are many avenues opened to the Barbados Football Association (BFA) and all they need to do is request what they need.

“Nothing starts at the top,” said Webb who said that they are trying to empower and educate the coaches in an effort to improve the football throughout the region.

CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb (left) presenting
a token to BFA president Randy Harris.
Webb noted that they have not developed their coaches though they are many ex-players who have the good of the sport at heart but do not have the adequate skills and knowledge.

Though the region as a whole lacks what many of the larger football communities have at their disposal, Webb believes that educating the coaches is the way to go.

President of the BFA Randy Harris, made note that at present Barbados coaches do not hold any FIFA European license but they do hold diplomas which is not the same thing.

In the wide ranging press conference, Webb also mentioned the time for talk has long past and it is time for all the stakeholders in football to come together with the common interest and goal and do what is best for football.

As it relates to the World Cup which is next month, Webb said that the Caribbean will first have to improve on many things before they once again have representation in the final.

He mentioned that everyone has their peaks and balances, and in a small territory as the Caribbean those peaks and balances become even harsher.

One of the problems which he identified was that by the time young players reach the age of 17 or 18 years, they lose interest and no longer play the game.

It has been many years since the CONCACAF region has hosted a World Cup and they are going forward with their intention of bidding to host the World Cup in 2026 which will make it 32 years since it last hosted the event. A sustainable Caribbean pro football league is also being looked into as part of his plan along with rebuilding the image of CONCACAF.

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