Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dealing with an upset stomach

AN irritated stomach is one of the most common ailments most people face.

Whether it’s because of what was eaten, not eating enough, or while enduring another illness, everyone has had bouts of upset stomach. Since it’s such a common occurrence, we often don’t even think about it much – especially if it’s not very uncomfortable – and wait until it passes.

Why should we have to do this at all though?

There are foods and beverages that help to calm and eliminate an upset stomach, many of which are easy to find in any store. They are often tasteless and bland, but serve to help your stomach in the long run, as they soak up the digestive acids, while you’re experiencing the stomach problem.

Before we continue, please note that these are for mild to medium stomach ailments and if you have an extremely bad case, you should always consult your doctor before trying any home remedies.

The older generation knew what they were talking about when they’d encourage persons to drink ginger tea.

Ginger is great for getting rid of nausea and as it is rich in antioxidants, it is beneficial for the entire body. No matter how you decide to ingest it – raw, in meals or tea, it will work just as well to help you from becoming sicker. And, if nothing is wrong with you at all, use ginger when you can, as it can also be used as a preventative measure.

Another tea that calms nausea is peppermint, however, it should be used with little to no sugar.

Some pregnant women also use this tea for morning sickness, as generally it causes no side-effects in the expectant mother. The results when using peppermint tea to cure stomach ailments are usually quick and lasting.

Crackers that are low in sodium and unhealthy fats, also help to calm upset stomachs and can be a go-to help for many suffering from morning sickness as well.

Though they are mixed ideas about using bananas when you have a stomach issue, they are still viewed as among the best foods for these kinds of ailments. For a person that was sick, the rich nutrients found in bananas not only replenish the lost essential nutrients, but they are easy to digest, light and very filling.

No grease – butter, oil, and so on – should be used when recovering from, or trying to get rid of an upset stomach. Using things like these often cause the individual to relapse or feel worse.

Oatmeal, soft fruits and vegetables, and skinless baked or broiled chicken, are among the foods that allow the sufferer to get filling meals, while protecting their stomachs. Rice is also a great staple food that you can use as you begin to regain stomach strength. It is especially great for those re-adding solid foods to their diet, after a period without them.

Upset stomachs can be prevented all together by watching what you eat, taking note of those foods that generally cause you stomach problems and, keeping away from them whenever you can. However, in the event that you do end up with a case of the stomach blues, there are many foods to help you overcome it. (JJ)

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