Wednesday, 13 February 2013

SMC Board without a chairman

THE Minister of Culture is yet to appoint a chairman of the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) almost seven months after Colin Dowe resigned from the post.

“I tendered by resignation back in June, but was asked to assist until the conclusion of 2012 Carnival and that I did and so as it stands now I am not the Chairman and I don’t know who is the chairman of the Corporation,” said Dowe.

Chief Executive Officer of the SMC, Jennifer Woodroffe, confirmed that a chairman is yet to be appointed since the official resignation of Dowe and that two other members of the Board have
resigned following the 2012 Carnival.

Edvin Martin, who served as the Deputy Chairman, and Claudette Joseph, who was the legal mind of the corporation, resigned from the nine-member board after Spicemas 2012. Despite the departure of the three, the SMC Board is not in violation of the law because the legislation which establishes the Corporation made it clear that six persons form a quorum.

Following the recent presentation of prize monies to participants and winners of 2012 activities, Woodroffe said that the SMC staff are preparing for 2013 activities. (LS)

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