Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dormant registered companies’ names to be taken off list

A number of companies, which the Registrar of Companies believes are no longer carrying on business in Grenada, are to be taken off the Companies Registration list if the relevant information is not provided to prove that these companies are indeed conducting business in the island.

According to the June 13th Gazette, the companies are: Beach Side Properties Ltd., which was registered in 1997; Calivigny Point Development Company Ltd., which was registered in 1971; Raymond Lewis Windball Cricket Competition Inc., which was registered in 2014; Lezah and Company Ltd., which was registered in 2007; and Raindancer Enterprises Ltd., which was registered in 2009.

The notice, which is dated June 10, 2014 and signed by the Registrar of Companies Annette Henry, said that pursuant to Section 483(3) of the Companies Act, Cap 58A, the companies will be taken off the list three months after the first notice unless cause is shown to the contrary.

A representative from the Corporate Affairs & Intellectual Property Office (CAIPO) said that once the names are taken off, anyone can use the names to register a business. It means that the names will be legally available and anyone can use them in accordance with the Companies Act, the representative said. (LS)

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