Wednesday, 18 June 2014


By Linda Straker

TEN Grenadians, one of whom has contributed significantly in Canada, are among the more than 11 000 Commonwealth nationals who were recognised by Queen Elizabeth II in her 2014 Birthday Honours List.

The highest award to a Grenadian national was Commander of the Order of the British Empire and it went to Jean Augustine for her services to Education and Politics. She currently resides in Canada where she has made her contributions. She also served in its Parliament.

Russel Fielden and Ann Hopkin were appointed as Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Fielden
is recognised for his con-tribution towards the Tourism Industry and Hopkin for services to Nursing.

“I am very surprised, but that is great,” said Fielden, who learnt about the appointment through his sister in London. “She just called to tell me and now you are telling, I had no idea! I don’t even know who nominated me,” he said.

A British national, Fielden first visited Grenada in 1981, but officially began working in the Tourism sector in 1985 when he was appointed as the General Manager of the Secret Harbour.

He made his contribution to the yachting sector continuously with different companies until he and his wife purchased the True Blue Bay Inn in 1998 and turned it into one of Grenada’s top hotels.

The Member of the Order of the British Empire was awarded to Jean Griffith for services to the Community and the Sickle Cell Association; Vincent Morain for his services to Education and Community Development; and Francis Redhead for his contribution towards Culture.

British Empire Medals were awarded to Maureen Charles for her services to the Community and the Dorothy Hopkin Centre; Wilfred Harris for Community Service; Peggy Nesfield for Community Service; and Christopher Peterkin for his service in the Public Service.

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