Wednesday, 25 June 2014

High Courts operating from former LIME building on the Carenage

BY the time the new law year starts in September 2014, all of Grenada’s High Courts will be housed in the former LIME building on the Carenage overlooking the St. George’s Harbour.

Works Minister, Gregory Bowen, said last week Tuesday that the use of the building will be a phased process, starting with the No.3 Court, followed by the No.2 and the last will be the No.1.

The No.3 Court moved into the building recently, following weeks of ren-ovations. Government has had to seek new buildings for the courts because the existing buildings where they are located are in very deplorable condition, making them unfit for human activities.

Bowen said that although the Government is presently using the former LIME building through a long-term lease, the intention is to purchase the building to make sure that all the High Courts are operating within that one building.

A few weeks ago, a number of cases were adjourned in the No.3 High Court without dates for continuation because there was no adequate building to house its operations. However, that has since been rectified because the former LIME building has already begun housing the court.

The High Courts were formerly housed downstairs of the York House or the Parliament building, which was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. This year will make it ten years since the hurricane and neither the Courts nor the Parliament are yet to get a permanent home. The Trade Centre has become the temporary home of Parliament.

Before relocating to the Carenage, the No.3 High Court was housed in the Hubbards building at the corner of Scott and Young Streets. (LS)

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