Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sealy: CPA conference being held at a critical time

Acting Prime Minister of Barbados, Richard Sealy, is contending that this year’s Annual Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), in his opinion, is more important than any of the previous 38 that have been held.

Speaking on Monday morning during the opening of the conference at the Hilton Hotel, Sealy suggested that its importance rests in the fact that it gives delegates a chance to review pressing new economic needs of the member states and new opportunities that are being presented.

A group shot of the participants in the
conference on Monday at the Hilton.
“Also because it allows us to review the persistent political and social challenges and contradictions that have to be resolved if we are to pull ourselves out of this devastating recession, and face the future with confidence and a willingness to reach consensus peaceably,” he added.

His comments were in keeping with those made by Speaker of the House of Assembly of Barbados, His Honour Michael Carrington, who urged the delegates attending the conference to use the opportunity afforded by the gathering to discuss some of the more pertinent issues facing the region at this time.

Referring to the theme of the conference – “Forging Ahead in a Hostile Global Environment” – he said it was apt given the tough economic times the region is enduring. As such, the conference created an avenue through which they could share experiences, highlight pitfalls and share ideas as they seek new solutions to old problems. His comments came as he expressed his certainty that their deliberations throughout the conference will be approached with candour and critical, but constructive self-examination which will redound to the benefit of the region.

Meanwhile, President of the Senate, Senator Kerryann Ifill, reiterated that given the challenges facing countries in this region, the conference is the perfect opportunity for the delegates, given their role in upholding good governance of the territories, to examine the issues and learn from each other.

“We are facing economic challenges which stretch all of our resources. The question of violence is one which is plaguing us to a degree of great concern. Environmentally, we are coping with the realities of economic change… It is a time for us to reflect and to learn from each other, to collaborate and exchange ideas to redound to the benefit of all of our people,” she added. (JRT)


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