Wednesday, 16 July 2014

UWI to strengthen internal governance models

Acknowledging that many criticisms received have been concerns about governance, UWI Cave Hill Principal, Sir Hilary Beckles, says efforts will be made to strengthen the Campus’ internal governance models.

“I am not speaking about management. I am speaking about governance. Management is just the function you put in place to run things. Governance is the system you put in place to demonstrate that you are running things well and there is a fundamental difference,” he recently commented.

“We are now in UWI, pushing through our governance architecture to the highest level, because we have to demonstrate to ourselves and to our stakeholders, that we are using all of our resources (with) absolute maximum efficiency,” Beckles explained.

“[We will] demonstrate to shareholders and investors that their hard earned profits are not being dwindled away in mismanagement and that maximum returns go to the shareholders, [by] demonstrating the efficiency of our management,” he added.

“Governance is a system that we need to do so,” he further remarked.

The Principal’s comments came while he spoke at the start of the two day Conference of the Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators (ACHEA), held in the Roy Marshall Teaching Complex of the Campus recently. (RSM)

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