Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Two students welcomed into scholarship programme

TWO students who will be entering secondary school for the first time in September, were officially welcomed to the family of the St. John’s Educators Scholarship Fund on Monday when founder of the Committee presented them with their first cheque.

This assistance was provided to Shakira Harriman and Sade Smith following a recommendation by the
principal of their former school. The scholarship provides EC$1 200 per year to assist needy students who are suc-cessful at the secondary schools’ assessment examination.

Urging the students to continue working hard in order to maintain the scholarship, she warned the participants that those who fail to maintain good grades will have to “buckle up and work hard” because in the future, those who fail to maintain good grades stand to be dropped from the fund.

Scholarship recipients with members of the Committee.
“You see the Scholarship is experiencing some difficulties, but working diligently with others, we are able to keep it alive and I have to show the people that those who get the help are truly deserving of the assistance and they are at the same time performing well in school,” said Carnice Modeste, Founder of the Fund.

“Your requirement for maintaining the scholarship is good grades and good conduct. There are lots of things you will have to maintain, but these two will be most important,” she said.

“You make me proud when you do well; when you do well I feel like I am making a difference,” she told the students.

Modeste disclosed that Oslyn Radix-Thomas, who is a new member to the committee, will be monitoring the progress of those who are receiving assistance from the fund to ensure that high standards are maintained by students. Radix-Thomas, who is the former principal of the St. John’s Anglican School, recently retired from the public service.

The former principal, in a motivational talk to the students and their parents before the presentation of the cheques, told the parents that they should be aware of the associates of their children because those associates can influence their behaviour and attitude.

“Talk to your children, know who their friends are, let them know that there is a time for everything,” she said, while urging the parents to be on top of these things with their children.

“Make them your friend and listen to them,” she said.

Former recipient, Jordan Charles, who sat 13 subjects and graduated with honours from the Presentation Brothers College, was presented with a plaque for his outstanding performance. He urged the students to apply themselves positively and creatively as the five years will go quickly.

“It will be challenging, but aim towards accomplishing it and that is what matters,” he told those who will be continuing in the fund and the two new students.

The Fund began in 2008. At present, there are ten students in the programme, while four will graduate by the end of 2014. There is a local committee and the New York Committee which engage in
all the fund-raising activities.

Modeste is based in New York and travels to Grenada annually to make the presentation to the students and in the last two years, attended the graduation ceremonies of those who successfully completed secondary school. (LS)

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