Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Caribbean Leadership Project launched

The Government of Barbados expressed its gratitude to Canada for implementing the Caribbean Leadership Project.

The first part of that project, the Leadership Development Programme, was launched on Monday at the Cave Hill School of Business.
FROM LEFT: Permanent Secretary in Barbados’ Ministry of
Finance,  Martin Cox; Former Cabinet Secretary and Head of the
Civil Service, Avril Gollop; Canadian High Commissioner,
Richard Hanley; Project Director, Caribbean Leadership Project,
Colleen Rossiter; and Minister Counsellor and Canada’s Director
to the Caribbean Development Bank, CIDA, Louise Clement, at
the opening of the Leadership Development Programme on Monday.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Martin Cox, took the opportunity to convey this Government’s appreciation to Canada for supporting the seven-year, twenty million-dollar Canadian-funded initiative.

The Caribbean Leadership Project is being implemented by the  Canada School of Public Service and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

“I wish to express sincerest appreciation for supporting this timely training initiative. It comes at a time when resources are limited due in part to the prevailing global economic crisis that has led to countries having to prioritise the use of funds to meet competing demands. It also is at a time when the need to have trained personnel in leadership positions is most evident and critical,” Cox pointed out.

He  expressed the hope that the ongoing week-long programme that brings together representatives from 11 of the 12 participating countries will encourage more regional collaboration. “It is hoped that through this forum, representatives from regional governments can collaborate in creating an enabling environment that facilitates leadership development. It is a well-known fact that having the right persons in charge can have a positive impact on organisational effectiveness and therefore national development,” Cox stated.

He called the participants pioneers of the project, adding that it demonstrates their desire for continuous learning and development. He said that their involvement could very well be the catalyst that ignites the development of learning organisations within the public sector.

“As the needs of Caribbean communities evolve, so also must the competencies required to respond effectively to them. I challenge you therefore not to be constrained by your status within your respective jurisdictions, but to come to the table ready to share experiences, to facilitate the cross fertilisation of ideas and to build regional networks that will only strengthen with the passage of time,” Cox said.

He said through the Leadership Development Programme these participants will be laying the groundwork for effective regional collaboration in meeting the needs of the Caribbean Community. (AN)

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