Thursday, 24 January 2013

Elections coverage should empower the people, says retired journalist

“MY message to the journalists in Grenada, especially those who will be covering elections activities, is to focus on the social issues affecting the people,” was the advice from International Media Development Consultant, Nick Fillmore, when he concluded a one-week training workshop in elections coverage with journalists last week.

“Too often we hear what the politician says, but little time is devoted to empowering the voices of the people; the people who will not have an opportunity to meet and discuss issues with the politicians, who are basically seeking to get into office,” said Fillmore, who explained that a general election in any country is a very serious matter and journalists have an important responsibility not just to the politicians, but also to the people.

MWAG, in collaboration with the Association of Caribbean Media, hosted the workshop. Fillmore, who is a retired Canadian journalist, has spent more than 30 years working in several senior media positions in radio, television and print.

He has also had considerable experience training journalists, assisting in the rebuilding of media organisations, and promoting free expression and journalists’ rights in over 30 developing countries around the world.

Riskisha St. Louis of the Grenada Broadcasting Network described the session as inspiring and informative. “This one-week training breathed new life into my own journalism life, as it provided an opportunity to look for the other things besides what the politicians will be talking about,” she said.

Sophia Phillip of WeeFM radio said that the knowledge learnt will assist her in coverage during the campaign. “Looking for the other issues and not just what comes from the politicians will be my goal because there are real issues that are confronting the voiceless,” she said.

Cameraman of the Flow CC6 said that although he is the one behind the camera, the information learnt can only result in himself and the accompanying reporter working together to develop stories that affect people beyond the elections campaign. (LS)

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