Wednesday, 16 January 2013


By Linda Straker

ON February 19, Grenadians will be electing a new administration to govern the island for five years.

The election date was the highlight of a political rally last Sunday at the Sauteurs Bus Terminus.

“Sisters and Brothers, I am unshakeably convinced that NDC (National Democratic Congress) is the right Party to lead Grenada at this time. We have the team for these times – the team that will lead our country forward. We must continue to move forward. No turning back,” Thomas told the thousands of cheering supporters.
Crowd at the National Democratic Congress rally.
“With this team in place, I have come to the decision that the time is right to seek a fresh mandate from the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Sisters and Brothers, after consultations with the Governor General, I have decided on the date for the holding of General Elections. And so today, I wish to announce that the next General Elections in Grenada will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2013,” he said in his address.

The announcement of the date was welcomed with jubilation from both the supporters of the NDC and the New National Party (NNP), who had gathered in the parish of St. David to endorse Oliver Joseph as the caretaker for the constituency.
The NDC team to contest the General Elections.
Last week Thursday morning, hundreds of Grenadians visited voter registration offices across Grenada to get registered following the announcement from Prime Minister Tillman Thomas last week Wednesday night that he had advised Governor General, Sir Carlyle Glean, to dissolve the island’s eighth Parliament.

“Yes, we are getting reports that the sub-offices are extremely busy today,” said Supervisor of Elections, Judy Benoit, as she confirmed that persons begun gathering at offices before the opening hours.

There were also increased activities at the birth and death offices across the country as persons lined up to obtain official birth certificates. The Deputy Registrar General for Births and Deaths, Mrs. Ann-Marie Mason, reported that hundreds of persons are seeking to obtain their official birth certificates, which are required to get registered as a voter.

“It is so much in demand that I have made a request to my permanent secretary for additional staff; our offices this morning has had increased inquiries via telephone and persons coming to get the official birth certificate,” she said.

The official birth certificate with the Government’s secret seal is required to get registered and it will take at least two working days to process.

“Now that the date has been announced, it is left to His Excellency the Governor General to issue the writ. Until such time as the writ is issued, persons are free to register to vote. I therefore encourage all those who have not yet done so to immediately go and get registered, so that you may join with all other eligible persons to help determine the future of our dear land,” Thomas advised non-registered voters.

The main contenders in the campaign are the ruling NDC and the opposition NNP, which is led by former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

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